Our story


The Petrides family has been engaged in tobacco business since 1954 through,

  • The Manufacture and Distribution of Rothmans Portfolio (1959 – 1999)
  • The Distribution of Gallaher (1978 – 2004)
  • The Distribution of Swisher (1992 – 2023)
  • The Distribution of Altadis (1993 – 2012)
  • The Distribution of JTI (2004 – to date)
  • The Distribution of Karelia (2016 – to date)
  • The Distribution of Dannemann (2024)

JT International selected us in 2004 as its preferred partner for importing and distributing its portfolio in the duty-free and local markets of Cyprus. The following brands are part of the entrusted portfolio:

  • RMC: Silk Cut, Camel, B&H, Winston
  • RYO: Camel, Winston, Old Holborn
  • Cigars/Cigarillos: Camel, Hamlet

The tobacco division became a fully independent in January 2014 under the name Cosmos Tobacco Trading Ltd.

Additionally, in 2016 Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. selected us as its top partner for the importation and distribution of its portfolio in Cyprus’s domestic and duty-free markets. The portfolio that has been trusted includes the following:

  • RMC: Karelia Slims, Karelia 100s, Ome and George Karelias & Sons
  • RYO: George Karelias & Sons

In 2024, we were selected from Dannemann a market leader of filter cigarillos as their official distributor for the domestic market and duty-free market of Cyprus. The portfolio that has been trusted includes the following:

  • Dannemann
  • Moods
  • Al Capone

Our vision

To be the most successful, respected and ethical tobacco distribution company in Cyprus, adding value to our suppliers, customers, shareholders and employees, while ensuring our healthy market leadership

Our mission

  • To build and develop World Leading Brands
  • To provide excellent service through specific distribution channels with customer-centric teams.
  • To be the leading Tobacco Distributor in Cyprus
  • To be ethical and humane to our customers, suppliers and employees

Our organization

Key competences    

  • A fully dedicated tobacco company
  • Tobacco business expertise and knowhow
  • Channel management excellence
  • Full exploitation of every available IT systems (SFA, CRM) in order to reach required performance results


Sales force

  • 3 area supervisors
  • 19 direct delivery sales reps / merchandisers.
  • 3 relief salesmen
  • All personnel are equipped with HHT either for stock, sales & TM related activities &/or POS appraisal and evaluation


Trade marketing department

  • 1 TM Manager
  • 1 TM Executives
  • 1 PPOSM & Maintenance executive
  • 1 Business Analyst


IT infrastructure

  • ERP, CRM and WMS systems in place